About OSM Weasel

OSM Weasel site is the place for everyone looking to know about everything on movies, art, design, animals, technology and geek culture. It started on February 2016 as the need to find the curious and interesting news in our world. Is the place where Sir William Weasel writes about awesome things that make him laugh, love, scare and be amazed. If you are into his likes, you'll love this place.

About Sir William Weasel

Sir William Weasel

Early Life

Sir William Weasel is the son of Lady Weasel and heir of the Weasel Kingdom. Since he was a pup, he showed interest in jumping over bird's backs and ride them through out the kingdom lands. This curious hobby developed a deep interest in the world's beauty and he began to capture his trips on film.

Current Life

His dream has always been to show the world what he finds everywhere he goes. That is why on February 2016 0WE (Weasel Era) he started a personal endeavor that no weasel has tried before: Sir William got into the WWW Realm and founded the OSM Weasel website.