Photographer captures her lovely dog in abandoned places

Photographer captures her lovely dog in abandoned places

Bull Terrier explores mysterious scenes

Alice van Kempen loves exploring abandoned places with her three-year-old Bull Terrier named Claire and is the perfect companion and model for the globe-trotting photographer.

"She sometimes has to sit absolutely still for seconds at a time without blinking or making the slightest movement," said Dutch photographer Alice van Kempen of her dog, Claire.

Van Kempen said she and Claire had a connection "from day one." She added, "I always feel safe with Claire at my side because I know she can protect me if it comes to that."

Her work takes her to places most others have long forgotten. It was on a shoot in the Belgium "ghost town" of Doel that van Kempen said she first got the idea to shoot Claire in abandoned locations. She used to be a freelance dog photographer -- shooting for dog magazines, dog food companies and book publishers -- but said she's really honed her craft since she began photographing abandoned locales two years ago.

"Finding a new location is great fun but getting inside is where the real fun starts," she said. "Claire and I have crawled underneath fences, climbed walls, jumped through windows but lots of times the door is open."

In her article on Bored Panda, she says they have visited “prisons, military bases, coal mines, trains, planes, monasteries, churches, hospitals, farms and private houses” so far.

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Published on: January 2016