Viral sensation pig isn´t a baby anymore

Viral sensation pig isn´t a baby anymore

Chris P. Bacon is all grown up!

You surely remember that cute little pig in a wheelchair called Chris P. Bacon who became a viral sensation back in 2013. Now he just turned 3 on January 13 and he looks pretty different.

Chris has a congenital defect that affects his rear legs, but that was no obstacle for him to continue his life. 

This is a comparative picture from piglet to pig. 

Even if he can´t fit in that cute little wheelchair anymore, he is still adorable and has the most hilarious name a pig could ever have. Just look at this news anchor losing all of his composure while attempting to report the story of Chris P. Bacon, his giggling is contagious.

Check out some of his pics in the gallery and don´t miss the cute video below. For more info and pictures of Chris P. Bacon visit his facebook or twitter accounts.

Hope to hear more about this brave cute famous pig soon.

Published on: January 2016
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