Video of a restless rescued squirrel and his human BF

Video of a restless rescued squirrel and his human BF

A rescued squirrel named Pitek became his savior's best friend. They met when Pitek was about to die under a tree, he was just a baby squirrel and survived thanks to the Polish man who took him home to recover.

Now they both hang out in the forest along with the man's dog as seen in the video published by NowThis.

It looks like Pitek has been drinking a lot of coffee with loads of sugar! He just keeps going round and round over the man's shoulders.

This Squirrel Is A Man's Best Friend

This man found an unlikely best friend in his pet squirrel

Posted by NowThis on Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Tadeusz Lubiarz talks about how he saved Pitek

Pitek savior's name is Tadeusz Lubiarz, and he spoke to Poland's TVN about how he rescued and nursed baby Pitek. He said that while walking his dogs one day he felt something fall. Fearing the tiny squirrel the size of a "shoelace" would not survive, Lubiarz nursed him back to health, feeding him goat milk through a pipette.

Check out the interview and more frentic moves of Pitek in the video below!

Published on: February 2016