The first 83 days in the life of Nora, a polar bear cub

The first 83 days in the life of Nora, a polar bear cub

Nora is the cutest polar bear cub ever!

Nora is the survivor of the two cubs born in the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium on November 2015. The zoo launched recently an online poll to choose a name for the adorable young bear, Nora was chosen over Desna, Kaya and Sakari, this is how the Zoo anounced it:

Drumroll please… the polar bear cub’s name is NORA! Thank you to everyone who voted. We received more than 88,000 votes from across 115 countries. Nora is a blending of her parents’ names, Nanuq and Aurora, and the Zoo staff thinks it suits her well. Follow Columbus Zoo and Aquarium on Facebook for more updates on Nora as she continues to grow!

She is now nearly three months old and is doing great taken care by the zoo team. The survival rate of a polar bear cub during the first few weeks of life is only about 50 percent, so Nora is a very lucky girl.

Watch the progress she has made over the past three months in the player below and be prepared, it's a cuteness overload!

You can see more cute videos of Nora growing up in the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium video channel.

Published on: February 2016