App tells you what dog breed your favorite actors are

App tells you what dog breed your favorite actors are

What dog breed do these celebrities resemble?

Ever wondered what dog breed would Samuel L. Jackson be? or Chris Evans? or Gollum? Now you can know with this app!

Inspired by the man's best friend, Microsoft Garage released Fetch!, an app that uses artificial intelligence to identify a dog breed by analysing photographs. It was originally meant to classify dogs by breeds and tell you what kind of human personality fits best with specific breeds, but, just for fun, the app will also take an informed guess on what kind of dog you or your friends might be, or your favorite actor for that matter.

You can use the desktop version or download the app and upload your own photos or whomever you want! I've already done it (and I strongly disagree with my result):

Anyway, the celebrities made a better and hilarious dog match, check them all over here:

Chris Evans is a Dutch Shepherd

Jack Nicholson as Mr. Torrance is a German Shepherd 

Mila Kunis is an English Cocker Spaniel

Steve Buscemi is a Rottweiler

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