Amazing videos from a flying eagle point of view

Amazing videos from a flying eagle point of view

See the world like an eagle does

If you've ever wanted to see through the eyes of an eagle now you can enjoy that freedom with these videos that captured the breathtaking sightseeing and beautiful landscapes that eagles are able to see up in the sky.

Uploaded by the conservation movement Freedom, these unique footage seek to engage a new generation of conservationists, catalyzing popular support for the protection of nature worldwide. Freedom teach birds of prey born in captivity to hunt and fly so they can then be reintroduced to nature with much better chances of survival and reproduction than with the traditional "hacking" method.

The eagles POV's are captured by an action cam on the eagle's back. You can see amazing landscapes of Paris, London, Dubai, France, and the eagle's gorgeous head that leads the flight.

Eagle POV over French Alps, Chamonix:

Eagle POV over Dubai:

Eagle POV over Montblanc:

Eagle POV over London:

Eagle POV over Paris:

Published on: February 2016
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