12 Awesome cat commercials

12 Awesome cat commercials

Cat ads that make you go LOL and Aww

Cats are quite a sensation on every media, and ads are not the exception. I've selected a list commercials starred by our furry friends, some are cute, some are hilarious and others are really bizarre. You'll see giant cats, criminal cats, singing cats and some are just cats being cats in a fancy way. Let's get started:

1. Feel good inside - Corolla

This cat would do anything to be inside that car, how far will he go?

2. Happy Inside - IKEA

Can you imagine 100 house cats sneaking into an Ikea UK store? this is what it looks like.

3. Sing It Kitty - Three

This one mix a girl in a bike, a cute kitten, a catchy song and silly humour. It even had an app to make your own face-morphing music video with the rocking kitten.

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