Adventurous cats and dogs who love to surf, ski, climb and fly

Adventurous cats and dogs who love to surf, ski, climb and fly

The couch and backyard ain't enough for these cats and dogs, they've gone to the sea, the mountains and even up in the sky. They are great outdoor adventure companions and these 9 videos show the world the amazing experiences these feline and canine fellows live when seeking for adventures. 

Kuli, the surfer cat

Honolulu, Hawaii has been witness of an outrageous feline behavior: a cat who loves surfing. Kuli, whose name means to look blind, was adopted weighing only one pound and has been surfing with owners Alexandra Gomez and Krista Littleton for over a year after they rescued the on-eyed feline. Now he enjoys riding waves under the hawaian sunlight.

Jesper, the adventurous cat

Jesper is a norwegian who can do it all: ski, hike, swim, and navigate the snowy forests. The three-year-old mix breed has become an online celebrity after his owner, Aina Stormo of Hedmark, recently posted a video of the long-haired feline running alongside her on her cross-country skis. He surely makes the average kitty look like a couch potato of epic proportions.

Conga, the mountain soul

Up in the snow-capped peaks of Bariloche, Argentina, the skier Santiago Guzman and his dog Conga enjoy sharing a day in the mountain. Sun Dog is a short film about the unbreakable bond between the two friends, the man and the dog. The film follows them on ski adventure that is visually stunning and is sure to inspire.

Amelia, the tropicat

Amelia is the surfer/sailor first mate of Captain Liz Clark. This video tells the life of the feline sailor aboard the 'Swell'. Amelia and Liz have sailed together thousands of nautical miles.

Gus, the all-terrain pug

Professional climber and filmmaker Cedar Wright has no fear of big heights and neither does his companion Gus, the all-terrain pug. In this video we watch Cedar and Gus make the most of their day out climbing.

Didga, the skateboarding cat

Digba, the cat, is perhaps the world’s best skateboarding cat. The Australian feline shows us how it’s done jumping on and off his board while skating around town.

Windsurfing rescue dogs

Meet Elvis, the basset hound, Doodle, and Dinky Doxie. These three rescue dogs like to spend their spare time windsurfing on the Columbia River Gorge and in southern California and Mexico.

Puppi the dog, Burma the cat and the war veteran

As experienced by many returning war veterans, Stephen Simmons had a difficult time adjusting to civilian life back home. As a way to find peace and solace, Simmons decided that the best therapy was to adventure out in Oregan’s mountains with his trusted pets Puppi, the service dog, and Burma, the cat.

Whisper, the wingsuit flying dog

Whisper may be the first dog who flew off the North Face of the Eiger. The mini cattledog experienced many base jumps on the back of his owner Dean Potter, who passed away on 2015. When Dogs Fly was the first film Dean Potter directed himself, starring Whisper and himself featuring an unconventional, compassionate, artistic and daredevil piece.

Published on: March 2016
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