Talented rat pets show stunning abilities

Talented rat pets show stunning abilities

These rat pets have a talent to stand out for their awesome skills, taught to them by the teenage rat trainer Abby Roeser.

She is the creator of a rat channel in youtube that includes the brief videos '15 Incredible Rat Tricks' and 'Truth About Rats: Rat Tricks', starred by her dazzling pet rats Pepper, Nami, Blue and Puffin. Watch some pics of these great rodents in the gallery below.

Abby spent seven months training Pepper and Nami, an hour or two per week. She says that her rodents came from various sources, and you can get your own in SPCA's and rats rescues. Rats are a species more often linked in people's minds to sewers, dumpsters and plague, but Abby's videos are proof that rats are wonderful pets, very intelligent and an underrated species.

Abby uses clicker training and positive reinforcement to teach her rats their various tricks and abilities. Their favorite treats are cheerios, but they also enjoy working for dog treats, peas, and dinner left overs.

"My method of training is very simple. I taught the rats that the tongue cluck means that you did something right, and that you get a reward for it. I taught them this by just clucking and giving them a treat, simultaneously."

Clicker training works like this - The trainer makes it at the moment the trick is completed, it informs the animal that 'You did the trick, well done' The animal then learns to perform the trick in the way that it did just before it heard that sound, and the sound again reinforces that it's repeated the trick successfully. - Gutsph

Abby taught them to spin just by leading them in a circle, clicking and treating. Then tricks got more complicated: fetching, swimming, going through a tunnel, 'doing laundry', roll over, jump a hurdle, open a cabinet, push balls along a wire, navigate weavepoles, untie shoes...Then came the multistep tricks like retrieving the bandage. They even feature a scene where they have so save a teddy bear! it's a deed suitable for Agent Mouse!

She hopes her videos inspire rat owners to begin training their rodents as well.

"It's a great way to build an unbreakable bond with your rodent buddy, because nothing will bring you closer than learning from each other. It's a great way to challenge your rat's brain, and to gain a greater understanding of how your pet thinks."

Sadly, Pepper and Nami have passed away due to tumors. But their videos will remain as inspiration for more rats to be rescued and trained with love and patience like Abby did. Hopefully we'll se more videos of Abby's pet rodents in the future.

You can see more pictures in Abby's Facebook, more about her training in her Website and more videos in her Youtube channel.

Published on: March 2016