Wasps built dreamlike nest with colored paper

Wasps built dreamlike nest with colored paper

Wasp building abilities are commonly underrated due to be widely considered as nuisance, so most people don't stop to think of them as a complex species that constructs perfect geometry nests.

The building material wasps use for their facilities can be mud and cellulose, and structures can get quite bizarre. Like this one made by a subfamily of wasps of southeast Asia:

The student in biology and apprentice in zoology, Mattia Menchetti, added some imagination on how wasps could create such skillful structures. He provided captivity wasps with colored construction paper for nest building and food, starting with yellow paper and gradually adding more colors.

A rainbow colored nest was the result of this project, it looks like clustered cotton candy sculptures from a fantasy tale or nests from another world with technicolor fields. Who would tell some wasps could trigger our imagination? :D

Look at the pictures of Mattia Menchetti's project in the gallery below. For more about his work check out his website

Published on: April 2016
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