Long Exposure Photos bring back the sirens on Decadence

Long Exposure Photos bring back the sirens on Decadence

A decadent vision of the sirens (NSFW)

Los Angeles-based photographer Tyler Shields returns to the island of the sirens, staging a series of images featuring the exquisite and treacherous creatures at play along the rocky shore.

Shields created Sirens after a period of heavy rainfall, casting a group of women as his heroines before tasking them with staying completely motionless for the duration of his long exposures. Nude amongst the rough wilderness and frigid air, his collaborators lied unstirring for anywhere from two to nearly thirty minutes. Using his Hasselblad camera, Shields created each final image entirely in camera.

As magnificent as the images are here, Shields insists that in person, the quality and luster of the prints dazzle in a way that simply cannot be replicated online.

Tyler Shields’s Decadence is now on view at Maddox Gallery Mayfair in London until February 24th.

You can check some of his photographs in the gallery below

Published on: February 2016
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