World Press Photo Contest 2016 Winners

World Press Photo Contest 2016 Winners

15 winners of this year's World Press Photo Contest

The results are in! And these are 15 winners for the World Press2016 annual Photo Contest.

It's not surprise the top winners of this years are those who have saved and share to world the horrors in the middle-east, specially with the refugees crisis and IS.

World Press Photo of the Year: "Hope for a New Life" by Warren Richardson

A man passes a baby through a fence at the Serbia-Hungary border on August 28. This image also won first place in the Spot News category for single photographs.

Spot News, first prize (stories): "Aftermath of Airstrikes in Syria" by Sameer Al-Doumy

Smoke rises from a building in Douma, Syria, following reported shelling by Syrian government forces on October 30. This series of photos focuses on Douma, a rebel-held city that has been subjected to massive aerial bombardment.

General News, first prize (singles): "IS Fighter Treated at Kurdish Hospital" by Mauricio Lima

A doctor rubs ointment on the burns of a 16-year-old ISIS fighter named Jacob at a hospital compound on the outskirts of Hasaka, Syria, on August 1. Behind them is a poster of Abdullah Ocalan, the jailed leader of the Kurdistan Workers' Party.

General News, first prize (stories): "Reporting Europe's Refugee Crisis" by Sergey Ponomarev

Refugees in Tovarnik, Hungary, attempt to board a train headed to Zagreb, Croatia, on September 18.

Sports, first prize (singles): FIS World Championships by Christian Walgram

Czech skier Ondrej Bank crashes during the downhill portion of the Alpine Combined as he competes at the FIS World Championships on February 15.

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