Retro Futurist movie posters by illustrator Laurent Durieux

Retro Futurist movie posters by illustrator Laurent Durieux

This movie posters remakes are awesome!

Belgian illustrator Laurent Durieux has become known worldwide for his illustrations of classic movies. 

And this is something that should not be taken lightly since every designer will tell you that creating a poster that perfectly embodies the concept and characters of a story is quite challenging.

Durieux perfectly finds these characteristics and portrays them in a very elaborate retro-futurist style, which seems like the perfect choice for movies like Dracula or Metropolis, but makes good fun for more recent movies.

He justifies his style by saying that posters from Hollywood golden era were far more appealing, and in that, I totally agree. He also commonly portraits giant elements, to which he says he tries to recreate the impression that some characters or objects often have in children.

Check out some of his work in the gallery below, and check out Laurent Durieux's website for more of his amazing work!

Published on: February 2016