Iris Scott: Impressionist Oil Finger Painting

Iris Scott: Impressionist Oil Finger Painting

Meet Brooklyn-based painter Iris Scott, who ditched her brushes and decided to take art at a more personal level by paints with her fingers.

Her color-saturated canvases of thick oil paint capture shaking wet dogs, dreamy urban cityscapes, and serene outdoor scenes.

“There’s nothing between me and the paint, I feel all the tiny nuances (...) I can manipulate thick paint with my fingers in ways brushes never could.”

The physicality of using her digits brings a unique sense of motion to each piece and when coupled with nearly 100 colors for a single artwork, it’s no surprise to discover how entrancing each canvas becomes.

Scott has original works available through Adelman Fine Art and at UGallery and you can follow her works in progress on Facebook and Instagram. She also just published an instructional book titled A Finger Painting Weekend.

Check out some of her work in the gallery below!

Do you paint with your fingers? Let me know how it is for you in the comments below!

Published on: March 2016
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