Beautiful music video made of hand painted frames

Beautiful music video made of hand painted frames

The music video "Disco" is composed of approximately 1,250 paintings and sketches of dancers, animated into a beautifully choreographed routine. The handmade frames were produced by the Berlin-based filmmaker Boris Seewald, and despite the diverse techniques used to create each frame, the continuity doesn't look odd, au contraire, it enhances the artwork and enriches the visualization of the music produced by Ralf Hildenbeutel.

The video flickers as new marks and small alterations are made to the developing moving pictures. The rapid changes flash onto the screen in an attempt keep pace with the high tempo track.

This isn't the first time the two artist have joined forces. Last year Seewald directed the video for Hildenbeutel’s song, "Spark," which exhibited a combination of ballet, geometric animation, and electronic music. It would appear that dance is a recurring theme in the director’s work.

Music Video for "Spark", gif via.

The wavering images in "Disco" are animated in such a way that makes the movement of the models appear seamless and smooth, which is simultaneously juxtaposed by the scratchy flickering variations in each new sketch, creating an interesting contrast of chaotic disarray and graceful linearity.

Seewald shared pictures on Flickr of the making of "Disco", including pictures of the image sequences all lined up on the wall, the scenes sorting and the tall stacks of frames produced for the video. You can watch them in the gallery below. (Images via)

Watch the OSM video in the player below!

Published on: March 2016