5 design tips when creating a company logo

5 design tips when creating a company logo

Tech.co tackled the issue most designers go through: How to design a good logo. 

We all know the feeling of wanting to create a logo, whether it is for a company, a service or even our own personal logo. Unfortunately, most of us are not much versed in graphic design, which is why a professional from the graphic design field should be hired.

However, that is not always possible – for example, due to budget restrictions. If this is your case, or you simply want to be part of your new logo, know that there are some fundamentals to design great logos that everyone should know. Still, with some background reading and work, it can be achieved.

Here are 5 tips to remember when creating a logo:

1. Simplicity Is Bliss

Simple logo desing

Most successful logos have common traits, and one of them is features like flatness and simplicity. Not overdoing the ideas, shapes or colors is a good thing. Anyone looking at a complex and too colorful logo will not be able to fully interpret and fixate it. In addition, a simpler logo is easier to adapt to other media, like flyers, banners, posters, t-shirts, events, and so on.

2. A Logo Doesn’t Need to Show What the Company/Service Does

Design a logo that does not reflect what it sells

Microsoft does not sell actual windows, nor Ferrari sells horses. Most of the popular companies we know do not show their trade on the logo, and you do not have to do it as well. In addition, by not sticking to a very specific theme, you are actually expanding creativity and increasing the number of possibilities.

3. Don’t Follow Trends “Just Because”

Following a trend can be tempting, because there are many examples available to look at. But this can actually work in a negative way. You should follow a style that is appropriate to the specific situation: for example, “hipster” logos are very popular these days, but probably not the best choice for a law firm.

4. Doodle Around!

Sketch a logo design

Many ideas can only escape our minds when they are placed on paper. And, if you ever hire a graphic designer, those doodles will be an invaluable help for them to meet your wishes faster and more accurately.

5. Think Long-Term

Some logos live throughout the years with little to no modifications at all – Coca-Cola is a great example of that. As the years passed, it has only suffered minor changes. Try to come up with something along these lines, a logo that will stick without becoming too boring with time, but one that you can slightly edit if needed.

All being well, these tips will help anyone design a great logo, at least for any immediate needs. Consulting with a professional from the field is always a good idea but, when that is not feasible, it is still possible to create something great.

Published on: March 2016
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