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OSM Artist: Aliencyclopedia by Josh Tam

OSM Artist: Aliencyclopedia by Josh Tam

Next in our series of OSM Artists, we'll like to introduce to you Josh Tam and his Aliencyclopedia project.

Aliencyclopedia is an alien animated documentary series containing information about aliens and the different alien races produced and animated by Tam himself.

Each of the 8 episodes so far contains information about a topic from aliens, the paranormal and ufology. 

As any concept designer might tell you, gathering the required info and then translate it to a specific vision is no easy deal. Most of the current episodes deal with different alien races and how they interact with our world, hence the importance of creating a consistent design both loyal to the alien race in question and to the overall feeling of the project.

Aside from Aliencyclopedia, Josh is a freelancer in the field of art, multimedia and music. You can check his portfolio on his website.

Check out Aliencyclopedia chapter 5 "Hynek's Scale" on the player below and check the rest of the episodes in the Aliencyclopedia Website.

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Published on: March 2016