The Low Bros: Qbrk and Nerd amazing street art

The Low Bros: Qbrk and Nerd amazing street art

Pop and geometric street art by The Low Bros

Between canvas, wood paintings and street art, here are the creations of The Low Bros, a German duo created by the two brothers Christoph and Florin Schmidt, aka Qbrk and Nerd. These two former graffiti artists based in Berlin condense their inspirations into colorful pop and geometric compositions, combining street art, skateboarding and the aesthetics of the 80s.

Their urban art really blends with the environment, playing with perspective and merging the shapes of buildings with their compositions. The polygonal shapes are masterfully crafted and their colour selection not only brings back the 80's but perfectly contrasts the grey urban areas they select.

In some sort of way, their work is a new trend of surrealism and cubism displayed in any street corner. 

Check out the gallery and keep an eye open for their work! 

Published on: April 2016