The hypnotic patterns of photographer Sam Kaplan

The hypnotic patterns of photographer Sam Kaplan

Conventional objects are captured in captivating arrays

Commercial photographer Sam Kaplan transforms every day objects into mesmerizing compositions. He arrays every object with meticulous detail adding life to every shot.

“I love having the freedom to make small adjustments,” he says, “to move something a micrometer and see what difference it makes.” - Sam Kaplan (American Photomag).

He has explored with many still life proyects and food compositions. His last proyect 'Unwrapped' transforms sticks of chewing gum into monumental structures, stacking the sticky treat in shapes that imitate architectural forms.

Hundreds of pieces of gum criss cross and stand upwards to create pyramids, columns, and arches—held tightly together with support from super glue. Each image within the series received minimal editing, the final image coming from a single shot rather than one that was digitally combined.

“I wanted to find a material that could be both repeatable and remain uniform,” said Kaplan. “I also wanted a high level of malleability and after a lot of trial and error I landed on gum. I have always been interested in futurist and Mayan architecture, and this project was a way to combine both of those to make new forms.” - Sam Kaplan (Colossal).

His conceptual food work includes pyramids and pits of cookies, sandwiches and candy that could had been done in CG, making this in photography is something worthly of merit and adds virtue to the task as the food has to be shot really fast before it starts to look bad.

Kaplan has also created patterns of simple objects like dental picks, hypnotic arrays of straws and lined up pencil paths.

See some of Kaplan's photos in the gallery below and check out Sam Kaplan's website for more of his awesome work!

Published on: April 2016