The World Design Day 2016 has a striking poster

The World Design Day 2016 has a striking poster

Every year World Design Day is celebrated on 27 April, the anniversary of the founding of the International Council of Design. This year, as part of this global celebration, ico-D is celebrating how design has improved everyday life in local communities through their 'Design in Action' campaign.

“One of the great things about design is that it can make such a big impact on everyday life. From the bike paths that make zipping around the city safer and faster, to the telephone that connects you to your friends and families, to the way-finding that helps you not get lost and the high-tech gear that helps you do the sports you like, good Design, meaningful Design, is constantly in Action!—helping, directing, improving, creating. We want to see Design in Action! where you are—in your region, and in your life.” - icoD

The ico-D has invited designers worldwide to share their examples of great design via Instagram with the hashtags: #WDD2016 #Designinaction and the tag @theicod, or on WDD Facebook group. All design disciplines are invited to participate.

The WDD2016 posters

The WDD2016 visuals were designed by the multi- talented Russian poster designer Peter Bankov, whose posters have an agressive charm that outstands.

"I have nothing to say except for the fact that I like drawing posters. In my opinion it is the most interesting genre in modern graphic art design. Every day I make posters. Creating posters is great happiness. It's a drive and a chance to feel like a nuclear physicist, cosmonaut and Mickey Mouse at the same time." - Peter Bankov


Working between Moscow and Prague, Bankov also works “between terrible design and beautiful, national and anti-national, West Slavic and East Slavic, European and Asian design.” Founder of Design Depot studio and editor of KAK magazine, Bankov has managed to produce over 800 posters, what he calls his “design opuses.”

Look at some of Peter Bankov's posters in the gallery below and more of his work in his website.


Don't forget to follow the 'Design in action' campaign on Instagram and the ico-D Facebook. Happy World Design Day!

Published on: April 2016