Best instant photos of the Spring 'Roid Week' 2016

Best instant photos of the Spring 'Roid Week' 2016

This april was the 10th anniversary of the Spring Polaroid Week, a celebration of the instant film on Flickr where thousands of Polaroid photos are submitted to the group.

From April 18th to April 24th, 480 group members submitted about 2,300 instant photographs! Here is a brief selection of 20 great photos and there are still thousands of amazing instant photographs to go see on the Flickr Group Pool!

"Polaroid Week (aka 'Roid Week') started in 2006 as a way to celebrate instant film and is still going strong! We also started it as a project -- to see what new and interesting things we could do with instant film; and to challenge ourselves to produce some really great work." 

The group guidelines include posting only photos that haven't been posted on Flickr before, only two photos a day, you can take a digital photo of your polaroid if you don't have scanner and post No Faux-laroids!

Be ready for the next Roid week later this year: Autumn Polaroid Week will be held Sunday, October 16th through Friday, October 21.

Thomas Zamolo - "New Love #2"

Brian Henry - "North Hospital"

Mik - "I am in paradise"

Denis Peaudeau - "Untitled"

Lance Trussell - "Storm on the Horizon"

Ben Innocent - "She found gems where others found life in the grips of winters decay"

Ina Echternach - "the silence is beautiful..."

Toby Hancock - "The Bank of Hollywood"

Brandon C. Long - "Untitled"

Rommel Pecson - "Franco"

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