Artist creates visually striking 3D graffiti installations

Artist creates visually striking 3D graffiti installations

The colorful creations of Miami artist Alex Yanes are a wild trip into his life experiences and the culture around him. The pieces of art are made of carved wood that is layered, painted and arranged into 3D installations with a unique urban style that resembles the street art graffiti.

Yanes style is inspired by skateboard, tattoo, hip-hop and rock culture, along with his life experiences and vision of the world. These ideas are creatively captured into his whimsical artwork with thick strokes, tropical acrylic colors, pieces of wood, resin and recycled materials.

Wood was a significant part of Yanes' childhood, reminiscent of the time he built a tree house with his father, or when his skateboarding habits fueled him to build wooden ramps with friends:

"My art is a piece of all that, it's where it comes from... I've always been drawn to the beauty and pattern of the natural grain, the fact that no two pieces are identical, its organic component and the fact that it used to be alive and growing."

His work is now a staple in Miami Wynwood’s art district and he looks forward to taking his art across the U.S. and internationally, with upcoming stops in New York, Chicago, California, Germany, The United Kingdom, Australia and Brazil.

In the player you can watch a brief video, directed by Duffy Higgins, where he documented Alex Yanes as he prepped and presented his artwork outside of south Florida for the first time.

Check out some of Yanes's work in the gallery below and don't forget to visit the artist's website

Published on: July 2016