Monitor the life of your battery on a glimpse

Monitor the life of your battery on a glimpse

That tiny battery icon should tell us more than just a vague idea of the life left on your phone charge, an exact percentage that can be catched at a glimpse, you can always see it by dragging twice the notification bar but it ain´t that handy sometimes. You can enable the percentage for the menu bar battery icon on Marshmallow and Lollypop, here’s how:

How to Show Your Battery’s Percentage in Android Marshmallow

To turn this feature on in Marshmallow, you’ll need to enable Marshmallow’s “System UI Tuner”, which gives you access to some hidden settings.

1. Pull down your notification shade, then pull down a second time to show the Quick Settings panel. (You can also pull the notification shade down with two fingers to reveal this panel.) Find the settings gear along the top.


2. Long-press on this gear icon for a few seconds until it starts to spin. Release your finger, and you should see a popup that tells you the System UI Tuner was enabled.


3. Tap the System UI Tuner option in the Settings window that appears, and accept the warning that pops up.


4. On the System UI Tuner page, turn “Show embedded battery percentage” on. Your battery icon will now display your level of charge at all times.


How to Show Your Battery’s Percentage in Android KitKat and Lollipop

KitKat and Lollipop actually have this feature built-in, but the setting is even more hidden. In fact, the setting doesn’t exist at all! The only way to disable it is with a few ADB commands, or the Battery Percent Enabler app from the Google Play Store. This app shows as part of Android’s built-in battery, not as a separate notification like other apps. 

You don’t need to be rooted or anything to use this, so most KitKat and Lollipop phones should find this works with the below instructions:

1. Open the Google Play Store on your phone (or head to the Google Play Store in your computer’s browser) and search for Battery Percent Enabler. Select the app from “kroegerama” (there are a few apps with the same name).

You can also click this link to go straight to the Battery Percent Enabler’s page on your computer or phone.


2. Click the “Install” button to install it to your device. (If you’re doing this from a desktop browser, make sure you’ve selected the correct device from the dropdown list).

3. Once installed, click the “Open” button that appears (or navigate to the app in your app drawer).

4. Check the “Enable Battery Percent” box and reboot your phone.


5. After rebooting your phone, you should find that Android’s battery icon shows how much of a charge it has.


There is one downside, though: on some phones, the percentage text is white, the same color as the battery icon.

So you can only see the battery percentage if your battery is more than halfway drained when the white text is on the empty gray background. It’s clear this was an unfinished feature for KitKat and Lollipop (probably why it was hidden!) but it’s still better than nothing.

Watch the video below for live action instructions on installing the app.

Published on: January 2016