10 dazzling facts about Venom

10 dazzling facts about  Venom

The famous villain of Marvel has captivated many fans for over three decades since his inception. From the very beginning, he became an immediate fixture of Spider-Man’s knaves gallery and even infamously starred in Spider-Man 3, one of the reasons for which many fans are eager to see a Venom film that do justice to the fascinating character.

Venom famously debuted as Spider-Man’s iconic black suit during Secret Wars. He then promptly gained a new host and rose to prominence as an anti-Spider-Man. This dark version of everyone’s favourite hero is the Spider-Man that exists without the lessons on power and responsibility. 

Transforming from a simple costume into a manic monster is no small feat, so the Venom symbiote has always required a like-minded host. Venom’s identity has spanned a whole roster of human suitors, all coupled with the alien symbiote itself. As such, there’s a laundry list of details to know about the villain from throughout his years in both comics and extended media. Here we round up a list of ten facts about Venom you may not know and you should.

10. The first Venom is currently a superhero named Toxin

Source Marvel Comics

Eddie Brock, the first and most famous Venom, incidentally hasn’t actually been Venom for some time. Although he no longer sports the black suit, after being forcibly bonded to another symbiote he has unwillingly become the creature known as Toxin.

In taking over this new symbiote from its dead host, Brock has become an actual ally to Spider-Man. Considering both Brock’s past, and the Toxin symbiote’s physical ties to Carnage, this is an incredible growth for the character, and a testament to his new status quo in the Marvel universe.

Invigorated with the will to do good for the first time in his life, Brock has re-engaged himself as a lethal protector. He’s no longer being commanded by the symbiote, and since finding control over his new bond, he’s been able to act as a successful anti-hero. As such, Eddie Brock has essentially become a new character in recent years.

9. Venom's voice/sound was created by Hank Azaria

Source Hollywood Reporter

The classic 1994 Spider-Man: The Animated Series remains to this day one of the more enjoyable adaptations of the wall-crawler. Part of the series’ appeal was its introduction of many characters familiar to the comics but new to television, one of whom was Venom. As this was the character’s speaking debut, it meant that the actor playing him would be burdened with creating and characterising Venom’s speech patterns.

With Venom as both a recurring villain and a famous character, it meant a good deal of importance was placed upon getting the voice right. Thankfully the actor tasked with this role was voice-acting veteran Hank Azaria. Though he will always be known for his work on the Simpsons, Azaria absolutely set the standard for how Venom would forever sound. The deep crackles and the shrill screams have since become a staple for Venom, and Hank Azaria is to thank for that.

 8. A supervillain saved him from cancer

Source Marvel Comics

After an extended disappearance, Eddie Brock recently re-emerged with cancer. Hospitalised, the irony was that the only thing keeping him alive was the same symbiote he had long tried to rid himself of. Beaten both physically and emotionally, Brock tried to kill himself only for Spider-Man to save him.

While recovering, Martin Li gave Brock a job at a soup kitchen upon discovering who he was. Unbeknownst to Brock, Li was actually Mister Negative, a crime boss with dark electrical powers. Miraculously, through some sort of biological shock, when Li touched Brock for the first time, he inexplicably cured his cancer.

In doing this, Li also inadvertently mutated the remnants of the symbiote still inside Brock. He became the Anti-Venom as a result, a white beast who wanted to cure all symbiotes and superhumans, including Spider-Man, of their ‘infections’. Brock found a new calling, and thanks to his clean bill of health courtesy of Mister Negative, he was once again prepared to pursue it at all costs.

7. Venom would have been the villain of The Amazing Spider-Man 3

The Amazing Spider-Man. Source Marvel Movies

This development recently came to light when director Marc Webb stated that “Venom, obviously, I would’ve been curious to see,” in reference to where The Amazing Spider-Man 3 might have gone. Furthermore, Eddie Brock had been established through viral marketing as a writer for the Daily Bugle, and the symbiote was clearly shown gestating beneath Oscorp. These are all undeniable signs pointing towards Venom’s eventual inclusion in the series.

Before The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s failure, there were plenty of larger plans for Venom in the extended Spider-Man universe. First off, he was meant to star in a terribly ill-advised solo outing from Alex Kurtzman. Then there was Drew Goddard’s abandoned Sinister Six, in which he was rumoured to be a supporting player.

Hopefully, the new Sony plans for a Venom film on his own will make a better version of the monster we all know and love.

6. The suit is powered by hatred of Spider-Man

Source Marvel Comics

Part of Venom’s appeal is that his alien suit offers him a whole host of powers. Beyond that, however, there are factors within him that can augment that power to gargantuan proportions or diminish it entirely. One of these main components is a hatred for Spider-Man, something the symbiote feels after having been rejected by him – it originally sought out Eddie Brock at the church primarily because it could sense his similar primal hatred of Spider-Man.

Conversely, when Spider-Man first fought Mac Gargan, the former Scorpion turned Venom, he defeated him handily. This could speak to his inexperience with the suit, but Spider-Man surmises something different. He thinks that Venom wasn’t as strong in this instance because Gargan didn’t hate Spider-Man as much as Brock did.

Many of Spider-Man’s foes have personal reasons for hating him, but only Venom can, in a tangible way, draw power from this emotion. Considering the close ties between Venom and Spider-Man, this is a unique concept that really suits the character and strengthens his villainy.


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