Superheroes part time jobs!

Superheroes part time jobs!

Let's face it: When it comes to saving the world having a super power may come really handy. But what if no villain is threatening the city? What if your superpower is way to radical (Let's say lighting yourself on fire) and you would actually end up killing a simple burglar?

And even further: Being a superhero might not be all that practical when it comes to paying the rent. That's why some superheroes might decide to exploit their abilities and get a part time job. 

Or at least, they have in these awesome illustrations by Chow Hon Lam.

Wolverine part job


Iron Man part time job


Mr Fantastic Part Time Job


Flash Part Time Job


Batman Part Time Job


Captain America Part Time Job


Thor Part TIme Job


Human Torch Part Time Job


Superman Part Time Job


What do you think?

What other superheroes you think could have a cool part time job? Let me know in the comments below ;)


Published on: April 2016