Top 6 moments in "Injustice: Gods Among Us" comic

Top 6 moments in "Injustice: Gods Among Us" comic

Every fan of fighting video games and DC comics was pleasantly surprised back in 2013 when WB Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealms Studios launched "Injustice: Gods Amoung Us". The game was based on Mortal Kombat's gameplay and featured all the major DC characters.  

But what really caught our attention was the original story behind the events in the game: A Superman turned dictator and Batman as the leader of the resistance. Not entirely new, I know. Alex Ross' "Kingdom Come" featured a similar story, but the violence and darkness behind Injustice were something entirely new.  

This story had us wanting more, so DC decided to launch a 4 issue run based on the events of the game. 

And call me crazy, but I sincerely believe that the whole "Nightmare Sequence" in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was designed following a similar storyline (Which might actually be something really cool).

Without further due, here's a list of Movie Pilot's top 6 moments in the Injustice: Gods Among Us comics.

6. Superman Kills Lois Lane... And His Unborn Child

The story of Injustice starts in an alternate universe of our DC Universe, where the Joker tricked Superman with fear toxin into seeing his wife, Lois Lane, as Doomsday, which causes Superman to launch her into space with the force of a meteorite, killing his beloved soulmate, and their unborn child with whom she was pregnant.

Superman kills Lois Lane

5. Superman Kills The Joker

On his return to Earth, Superman makes a beeline for the Joker, despite the concerned shouts of his friends and Batman to stop and think about his actions, Superman delivers a fatal blow through Joker's chest.

Superman kills The Joker

4. Batman Fights Against The Man Of Steel

After crossing this line, Superman goes on a dictatorial spree, commandeering the Justice League Watchtower to scan the world for problems of any sort, and then attending to them in person. He ignores diplomacy, protocol, and treaties between America and other nations in order to deliver his own brand of new justice wherever necessary.

Eventually, other heroes who see Superman in the right join him in becoming protective dictators of Earth, instead of simply being guardians. Among these heroes, Batman is noticeably gone.

Batman believes that Superman's new take on being a hero has gone too far, and is bordering a dictatorship that scares the people that he is trying to protect.

Because of this, Bruce has declared war on Superman, forming his own resistance to bring down the Man of Steel and his supposed reign of terror.

Batman vs Superman

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