Top 6 moments in "Injustice: Gods Among Us" comic

3. Nightwing Dies

During a battle at Blackgate prison, Damian (who is Robin at this time) throws an Escrima stick at Nightwing in annoyance, expecting the former boy wonder to dodge, but Nightwing is struck in the temple, and falls backwards, breaking his neck.

Batman, in a rare show of compassion, pushes his biological son aside to attend to his first son.

The fallout is painful, drawn out, and everyone in the room, whether they're a convict, hero, villain, or otherwise, silences themselves to pay respect to this fallen hero.

Nightwing Dies

Nightwing Dies

Nightwing Dies

2. Superman Kills Green Arrow

In a strike raid on the Fortress of Solitude, Green Arrow, to his surprise, finds Superman's parents hiding in the shelter. Superman returns to his Fortress in anger, thinking that Green Arrow was endangering the lives of his parents. Although the sharpshooter put up a valiant effort, in the end, he perished at the hands of the dictatorial Superman.

Superman kills Green Arrow

1. Batman Kills The Joker

During a magically induced coma, Superman dreams back to the moment where Joker poisons him with fear toxins. This time, Batman is able to warn him in time that Doomsday was just Lois, and Superman is able to stop himself. Batman proceeds to drive the Joker back to Arkham Asylum, but instead of dropping him off, Batman finishes off the Clown Prince of Crime once and for all, with a snap to the neck.

Batman kills The Joker

This is one of my favorite scenes in all of Injustice because of how it illustrates that Superman, at a subconscious level, never wanted to take power into his own hands, he misses being the boy-scout that everyone would smile at and cheer on. He never wanted to kill the Joker. The scene reveals a lot about Superman's psyche as well: he implicitly trusts Batman to do what needs to be done, despite having let the Joker escape many times before, and that Superman, in the end, believes that only Batman can put an end to things.

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Published on: April 2016