Simpson's couch gag paid tribute to Disney classics

Simpson's couch gag paid tribute to Disney classics

The Simpsons couch gag has transformed from being just a gag, to being an exclusive invite-only opportunity for artists to express their vision of the world using some of our most beloved cartoon characters. In 2010, they even had the elusive Banksy produce this grim opening that made 20th Century Fox look more oppressive than the government of North Korea:

Eric Goldberg isn't a secret identity street artist, but he is a director, writer and a supervising animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios. He animated Genie, can you believe it?

Goldberg created a new couch gag that takes Maggie, Lisa, Marge and Homer on a magical journey through the many classic films of Disney until Bart shows up to ruin it all. It's a beautiful tribute to the style of animation most people are first introduced to. Even the smart asses at The Simpsons probably watched a Disney film in wonder as a kid, dreaming of the day they'd have their own cartoon story to tell.

Check out Goldberg's couch gag in the player below!

Published on: April 2016
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