New inexpensive graphics tablet is as good as a Cintiq

New inexpensive graphics tablet is as good as a Cintiq

Drawing directly on a display tablet like a Cintiq is a blessing for digital artists and creatives, but the draw back is the high price that sometimes gets unaffordable.

There are some display tablet alternatives on the market, but it's hard to find a good quality and inexpensive alternative to Wacom's. After a lot of reading and watching YouTube video-reviews, illustrator Gil Robles found a very good alternative to the Cintiq: The Monoprice Graphic Tablet.

During his research, Robles found that many tablets had issues with drivers and didn't worked with all graphic software, some of the pens were battery operated or had to be recharged, others had issues with the screen, low end resolution or difficulties with the view angle.

Then Robles came across a couple of reviews for the Monoprice 22 inch HD Pen Display, which had better features:

1- A large 22 inch HD screen. with no issues about angle of view or resolution.
2- There were no issues with the driver and it worked well with most graphic software, like Sketchbook Pro, ArtRage, Manga Studio (Clip Studio), Mischief, Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop, Rebelle.
3- The pen did not need to be recharged, it worked just as well as the Wacom pen and was in fact similar in weight and size.
4- To top it off, it was less than a third of the cost of a 22 inch Cintiq. The 22 inch HD Cintiq cost $1,799.95 and The Monoprice 22 inch HD cost $470.31 (you would of course have to figure out the tax but the shipping is free for items in this price range on Amazon). Even the 13 inch HD Cintiq cost more at $799.95! 

The illustrator says he finally got the device and it worked as expected. Watch the video in the player below where Robles demonstrates the new Monoprice display tablet.

Here is the link to the Monoprice 22 inch HD Pen Display on Amazon if you'd like to get your hands on this handy tablet.

Published on: May 2016
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