15 Binder clip tips for the everyday life

15 Binder clip tips for the everyday life

Binder clip lifehacks video

The youtuber Venlee Lifehack demonstrate in his video 15 alternative ways to use binder clips to ease your life. These are the things you can do with the office supplies:

1. Phone Stand
2. Organizing Cable
3. Cellphone Stand Charger
4. Safely Razor Packing
5. Bind Cable and Charger
6. Securely Put Earphone
7. Cellphone Stand
8. Knitting
9. Put Cloth Irony
10. Cleaning Bar Management
11. Tight Seal Food Bags
12. Toothpaste Surrender
13. Watching Movie Phone Stand
14. Managing Money, Car keys & Cards
15. Pen Pencil Stand
* Bonus * - (Funny one)

Check out the player below to find out how to achieve all this things with simple clip binders.

Published on: February 2016