Netflix hack to find hidden categories

Netflix hack to find hidden categories

Your latest Netflix binge has left you with nothing to watch? You may think you've seen all the good stuff but there's a secret code to access more specific categories and ease your quest.

Netflix has a ridiculous amount of titles, but it's nearly impossible to just browse them all. So get access to new categories with this nifty trick:

When you go into the Netflix website you'll get a URL with a number at the end. That number is the key to finding new lists.

If you play around with it, you can find more specific movie titles with lists that match your tastes that are more specific than the "subgenres" option.

The possibilities are endless with this list.

You can browse Asian Action Movies (77232), Anime Sci-Fi (2729), Animal Tales (5507), Silent Movies (53310), Cult Horror Movies (10944), Dramas based on Books (4961),  Sci-Fi Thrillers (11014), and many more categories that aren't offered by default. Here is the extended list of categories.

Depending on how crazy you want to get with it, you can also mess around with number combinations to find even more rare lists.

So, prepare those popcorn and watch some good stuff.

Published on: February 2016
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