7 hacks for a nicer stay in a hotel room

7 hacks for a nicer stay in a hotel room

Feel like home in a hotel room... almost

Sometimes hotel rooms ain´t what you expected or the circumstances led you to a sloppy hotel. Here are some hacks to make your stay away from home more pleasant:

1. Take a pic of your hotel room number in case you forget where you are staying.

2. Odd smells? Freshen up your room with a dryer sheet on the air conditioner or in the laundry bag if it is the case.

3. Bring your own powerstrip or usb power station so you can charge your devices.

4. Or charge them with the usb on the TV, just dont forget your usb cable.

5. Use a skirt hanger to keep curtains closed.

6. Place your phone in a glass to boost the alarm sound.

7. Use a folded towel to replace overfluffy pillows.

BONUS - This may not be a hack but you better beware: Look for signs of bedbug infestation.

In summary, hotel rooms are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get. So be prepared.

Published on: February 2016
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