8 Valentine's hacks for a charming love day

8 Valentine's hacks for a charming love day

Flowers and red hearts are all over the place, be sure this Valentine Day be all dreamy and smooth with the aid of this 8 hacks:

1. Date Night Jar

Write down fun date ideas and pick out at random for a special valentine day. You can use different colors on the type of date you want. Things like hiking, concerts and fooling around are well welcome. More on the date jar in Vada.

2. Your plan: dinner and a movie

You should go to the movies first, the film will give you more conversation subjects at dinner time and fill up those awkward silences.

3. Love Selfie

Send your sweety a selfie holding a love note, the heat or cute level of the photo and message are up to you.

4. In words we trust

Get two romantic cards, then hand write the message of the first one into the second one, this way you can pretend some
Shakesperean skills.

Jenga, hickeys and voicemails on the next page.

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