18 snack hacks to have a really good time

18 snack hacks to have a really good time

Yumminess and practical describe these 18 hacks that team up perfectly with a football season, a gaming night, a barbecue, a party or just a comfy afternoon. Either you share them with your friends and family or just make them for yourself, these snack hacks are fully enjoyable, let's take a look:

1. Easy Cheese Sticks

You can make these for less than $5. You'll need sliced bread, sliced cheese, butter and tomato sauce. Flatten the slices of bread and put a the cheese on them, then roll them tight. Melt the butter and place the rolls on their seams. Press with a spatula and turn evenly. Enjoy the cheesiness with tomato dip.

2. Popsicle Fix

No more sticky hands. Use a muffin liner.

3. Mango Hack

Unable to decently eat a mango? Slice it in half and then cut in cubes.

4. Cheesy Potato

Slice up a baked potato and fill it up with cheese and toppings before baking it. Delicious!

5. Apple Cored French Fries

Apple slicers are great for cutting home fries. Just cut through the potato just as you might an apple, slice the center piece, sprinkle with pepper and seasoned salt, then bake for 30 minutes or until tender, flipping the potatoes halfway through, and there you go. For detailed instructions head over here.

6. Soda Straw Hack

Use the tab that is attached to the soda can to pop it open to hold your straw and enjoy you evening without messy straws poping out and moving around your soda.

 Craving for some noodles and ice cream? More snack hacks on the next page.