Creative bike storage for tiny spaces

Creative bike storage for tiny spaces

If you live in an apartment or have a lot of stuff in your home or garage, you may need to make some room for your bike, or bikes if your partner or family also have one. Here are some creative ideas to hang up your bikes so they don't use too much space, some are affordable and easy DIY and others are for sale, either will make you some room for your place and keep your bike safe. Let's get started:

1. Minimal Wooden Bike Hook

These bike hooks are quite simple and good looking, perfect for indoors. They are 32cm long and 3cm diametre, recommended for light bikes, not heavier than 13kg. They come in plain oak wood with a white front in a fancy box. You can get it on Etsy for $86 or you could probably make it yourself if you are the DIY type.


2. Palette Wall Bike Storage

This looks great and is an economical option to mount two bikes on the wall. It also works as a book shelf, or hanging your biking accesories. You just need to work on some palettes and attach two simple bike hangers from home depot.

3. Classy Wall mount plaques

This $38 DIY wall storage will look like a furniture accesory. You just need some wood plaques, hooks, spray paint, wood stain, drill, hammer and nails, level, measuring tape and countersink. Watch the full tutorial on minnipennyblog.

4. Flat ceiling storage

For this space saving option you'll need to look upwards and hang your bike from the ceiling. Watch the video of this home made setup made with bolts, two laundry rope pulleys, rope and a hook.

5. Handlebars wall bike hanger

This is an easy and cheap DIY that uses old spare bike parts repurposed into a bike hanger. All you need is a set of drop-style handlebars, a quill stem that fits them, a piece of galvanized steel pipe, and a wall flange. Detailed tutorial over here.

6. Industrial Hooks

These hooks are made with black pipe fittings with a layer of rubber on them to prevent your bike rims from scratching. The hook is 7"overall length. 4.5"wide and the base is 3" diameter. You can get these on Etsy for $26 each or maybe you could DIY: buy an adecuate piping and then be sure to screw into a wall anchor.

7. Two Bike Gravity Stand

This one is sold by 'Public bikes', by the name Michelangelo, for $75.00. It is easy and portable, just lean it against the wall and gravity does the rest.

8. Bike Shelf

Store your books and your bike in an elegant rack. The original can be found on Knife and Saw.

9. Solo Horizontal or vertical bike storage

This simple item from Cycloc locks the bike in place. This great piece of design and comes in 7 colors and you can get it for £59.95. 

10. Mount tube rack

This is another one you could DIY or buy it on Etsy for $49. You can use the inside of the tube as a shelf to store your gloves, lights, or something tiny.

11. Pole bike rack

This multiple bike rack is mado of a shelf, a pole, and some straps and hooks. The materials needed are a six foot iron or lead pipe, 3-5 Husky Hang-All straps, 2 or 3 heavy duty shelf supports, heavy duty zipties, 3-5 metal O-rings and 3-5 metal S-hooks.

The next video tutorial shows how to make the pole rack and a PVC rack (#12 on this list):


12. PVC Pipe Rack

This rack only cost about $10 to build and can be expanded for more bikes. You'll need a 10 foot piece of PVC, eight 90 degree PVC elbow joints, six T-shaped PVC elbow joints, a measuring tape or ruler, a hand saw, skil saw or PVC cutters, a sharpie, spray paint (optional).

You can watch the tutorial along with the Pipe rack on the video above (#11 on this list).

13. Bikes under the stairs

You can get some regular bike hooks and mount them under a stairwell to store multiple bikes.

14. Ceiling Hook

Simple and affordable, just make sure your ceiling can hold that much weight.

15. Discrete Shelf: Slit

A great piece of design with a technically sophisticated foldaway mechanism. It can be closed when is not in use and become one with the wall. When it is opened you can use it as a shelf. If you can afford it is a great option for your bike storage. You can get it for 225.00 €  on Mikili.

Published on: March 2016
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