18 clever packing hacks

18 clever packing hacks

Save space and pack your suitcase like a pro

The right balance between bringing along too much luggage and leaving behind crucial things is sometimes hard to achieve. These easy hacks will help you get that suitcase done with no extra stress.

1- Rolling clothes rather than folding.

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To make sure you're really getting the most out of your space, roll clothing first, then put the rolled-up items inside the bags. Rolling clothes, rather than folding them, minimizes wrinkling and allows for more clothes to be packed.

2- Save space when packing your socks.

Roll socks together, wrap the end around the roll and pack them in shoes. You can store about 3 pairs in each shoe and will also help to both hold the shape of your shoe and use every square inch of space.

3- Neat shirt collars.

Keep shirt collars clean and stiff by putting a rolled-up belt inside them.

4- Save space with plastic bags.

Use air-compression plastic bags to squeeze air out of your clothes.

5- Packing shoes.

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Cover the soles of shoes with shower caps to prevent dirt from touching the other items in your suitcase. Then place shoes foot to toe in the bottom of your suitcase to save space.

6- Wrinkle free packing.

If you must fold, put newspaper sheets inside clothes to avoid wrinkling. Or you can invest in wrinkle-free clothing if you can afford it.

7- Keep important documents safe.

Scan and email to yourself important documents like id, passport and itinerary for safekeeping. You should also carry photocopies.

8- Keep cables under control.

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Store loose cables and chargers in an old sunglasses case or a pencil case.

9- Use google maps offline.

This is more like "digital packing" so you can access the maps of your destination anytime. Just type "ok maps" and save the current area for later.

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