18 clever packing hacks

Save space and pack your suitcase like a pro
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10- Packing toiletries.

Double-bag toiletries to prevent spills. You can prevent bottles from leaking by using some plastic wrap on the caps.

11- Binder clips for packing.

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Use binder clips to protect razors and prevent you from getting nicked. You can also use binder clips to organize ear plugs.

12- Packing accesories.

Place earings in buttons and necklaces in straws to carry jewelry tangle-free.

13- Manage dirty laundry.

Place a dryer sheet inside your suitcase to ensure that your clean clother don't take on the odors of the dirty ones. You should also pack empty tote bags for dirty laundry and souvenirs.

14- Hide emergency cash in lip balm tube.


15- Take an empty water bottle to the airport and refill it after you pass security.


16- How much are you taking?

Lay everything you want to take out on your bed or the floor to see how much you want to take with you. Now be brave and eliminate about a third, because the truth is that you never seem to use as much as you take.

17- Packing bigger garments.

Interleaving bulkier items such as jeans, suits, dresses and skirts will minimize creasing and maximize space. Just lay the first clothing with one end inside the suitcase and the other end draping over the edge, then put the next item on top of this but place it the other way around. Continue layering and alternating items. Finally one by one fold the garments back in.

18- Two weeks of clothes into a carry-on bag.

This video shows how a woman takes a bundle of clothing and manages to place it inside a tiny suitcase. She uses the interleaving technique mentioned above but arranged for a smaller space. Here is the 22 million views video:



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Published on: June 2016
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