Tales From the Crypt series reboot: Shyamalan in, Crypt Keeper out.

Tales From the Crypt series reboot: Shyamalan  in, Crypt Keeper out.

M. Night Shyamalan will reboot Tales from the Crypt Series

Tales from the Crypt series is back with a remake from M. Night Shyamalan for TNT horror block this fall. But the heart and body of the show is missing: The Crypt Keeper.  

It may not be TNT or Shyamalan’s fault. The Crypt Keeper, voiced by John Kassir, is actually property of HBO, created for the purpose of hosting the original TV series that aired from June 10, 1989 through July 19, 1996. 

Over the years, the Crypt Keeper has become a cult horror hero. Is it really a good idea to attempt a Tales from the Crypt reboot without him? Or could things be worse if they did try and bring the ghoulish host out of resting?

If the Crypt Keeper was resurrected, it would be highly unlikely that the character would be the same Crypt Keeper we all know and love. Other failed attempts to breath new life into old horror icons leads to the question, should the Crypt Keeper possibly suffer the same failed reboot future. It may be better to allow him to rest and keep his current status. With some of the other changes that are possibly being done to the show, it is unclear if the Crypt Keeper would even be a good fit.

Buzz on the Internet has suggested the original idea for the reboot called for a 13 episode season that will run in the same style as American Horror Story. Meaning, instead of the Crypt Keeper telling you a new story every week, each season would be only one story. It is unclear if the original idea still stands. Rumors also claim that the heart of the story is going to revolve around voodoo in New Orleans.

M. Night will “curate” the content going into this remake “To be part of such a beloved brand like Tales From the Crypt, something I grew up watching, and to also have the chance to push the boundaries of genre television as a whole, is an inspiring opportunity that I can’t wait to dive into,” the director said.

Hope we are in for some creepy horror fun, with smart scares and smarter endings. In the meanwhile, here's some nice title credits from the original series.

Published on: January 2016