Turkish Airlines TV Spots for Batman v Superman

Turkish Airlines TV Spots for Batman v Superman

Ever wondered travelling to Gotham or Metropolis? This is why you should!

Two new TV spots from Turkish Airlines highlights why you should travel to Gotham or Metropolis.

Batman v Supeman marketing campaign takes a new direction with these spots, giving un a glympse on Sack Snyders's vision of both iconic DC fictional cities.

The first stop, refering to Gotham, features Ben Affleck as billionaire Bruce Wayne on how his company is actively trying to make it's city a better place.

On the second spot we can a see a rebuilt Metropolis, with Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor as main character, taking the lead in bringing Metropolis back from the ashes. 

Check out both spot on the players below


Published on: February 2016