"Jason Bourne" Super Bowl TV Spot

"Jason Bourne" Super Bowl TV Spot

New Bourne movie gets official name and first look

You gotta admit you were waiting for this movie ever since Jason Bourne was left for dead in Bourne Ultimatum.

Then, we gotta admit we're totally forgeting that Hackeye Jeremy Renner ever tried to steal the franchise from Damon and Grengrass.

And now, we finally get a look at what Jason Bourne has become after all this years: From a shy, run-for-your-life guy... Now a total bad-ass.
Joining the returning cast memeber (Check them out here), are Tommy Lee Jones as a CIA agent and Vincent Cassel and Alicia Vikander as the main villains. 

Still a few months away from it's release, but it's fair to say that this movie might (should) make us all remember why the Bourne Saga is one of the best in cinema history.

Published on: February 2016