Share your memories with Peter Dinklage for new sci-fi thriller 'Rememory'

Share your memories with Peter Dinklage for new sci-fi thriller 'Rememory'

Attention movie lovers, your memories are wanted for the new project of director Mark Palansky called 'Rememory'. The film details the unveiling of a machine that extracts and records memories in their purest form. It centers on Peter Dinklage's character, Sam Bloom, who has to steal the device to solve the murder of the machine’s inventor Gordon Dunn.

Peter Dinklage and Mark Palansky have worked together before ('Penelope') back in 2006. In addition to Dinklage, 'Rememory' stars Julia Ormond, Anton Yelchin, Henry Ian Cusick and Martin Donovan. The film began production this year in Vancouver, British Columbia on January 25.

What is unique about Rememory is that Palansky and Dinklage want to furnish the film with actual memories: your memories! You can head over to the film’s website and submit videos of two minutes or less, in widescreen and 720 HD or higher. It can be either existing recordings of old recollections or newly created, specially shot videos of new memories. Dinklage and Palansky will then review the entries and the best will feature in the film.

“Send us something you think is lovely or more importantly, keep it personal,” says Dinklage. “With iPhones and the technology we now have, everyone is capable of doing it. It looks beautiful when it is uploaded to film. I don’t want to apply any rules or guidelines to it at all. Do what you feel touches you.” - A twinkle forms in his eye.

If you want to submit a memory, head on over to and keep it clean if you want to feature in the finish film, it is in post production now so you better hurry! 

Published on: March 2016
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