The brilliant horror short 'Lights Out' is back as a movie produced by James Wan

The brilliant horror short 'Lights Out' is back as a movie produced by James Wan

The nearly 3 minute horror shortfilm that amazed the internet in 2014 is back as a full length movie produced by James Wan.

The movie is directed by the same filmmaker of the shortfilm: David F. Sandberg. It is a good sign that the film has the same director, this way the essence that made the shortfilm so great will surely remain in the movie. The presence of James Wan in the filmmaking is also good news for horror fans. In an interview with The Times, Wan described how he came across 'Lights Out' via fellow producer Lawrence Grey. It was Grey who first recommended they turn the short into a feature film. Wan wasn't fully convinced until he met with Sandberg:

"He had a lot of really smart things to say," Wan explained. "I saw a lot of him in the younger version of me. You feel like you have a lot to prove, you've nothing to lose, you're new to the scene, you don't know anything better, you're young and naive. He also did a lot of things that I used to do. I would edit things, I would draw things to try and get people excited about my projects." - LA Times

Beside the concept and the director, there is one more element of the shortfilm that remains in the full length movie: the actress Lotta Losten. She is also Sandberg's wife, and they've been together in the 'Lights Out' project since the very beginning.

Lotta Losten and David Sandberg at WonderCon. Source.

The awarded shortfilm that went viral two years ago is a simple but terrifying scene, watch it with the lights off please ;) 

And here is the trailer for the full length film that hits theaters July 22 this year: 

The trailer is too revealing for me, I really expect they had kept more story to be discovered while watching the film. Anyway, we'll watch the movie and enjoy being terrorized by the entity lurking in the dark, hopefully the film will be as good as the short.

Is great news that David Sanberg had the chance to grow as a filmmaker by getting involved in bigger projects and with figures like James Wan. Sandberg is already set to direct 'Anabelle 2', the sequel to the haunted doll from 'The Conjuring'.

Published on: April 2016
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Lights Out
Lights Out
Release date: July 22nd 2016

Directed by: David F. Sandberg

Produced by: Lawrence Grey, Eric Heisserer, James Wan

Written by: Eric Heisserer

Based on: Lights Out by David F. Sandberg

Teresa Palmer as Rebecca
Maria Bello as Sophie
Gabriel Bateman as Martin
Alexander DiPersia as Bret
Lotta Losten as Estalle
Amiah Miller as Bard
Andi Osho as Tosihio
Ava Cantrell as Alexander

When Rebecca left home, she tought she left her childhood fears behind. Growing up, she was never really sure of what was and wasn't real when the lights went out... and now her little brother,...